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J. Clark (John)

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Australian Formicidae. 1924-01-04
Australian Formicidae. 1924-07-01
The ants of Victoria. (Part 1.) 1925-07-01
The ants of Victoria. (Part 2.) 1925-07-01
Australian Formicidae. 1926-07-01
The ants of Victoria. [Part III.] 1927-07-01
Australian Formicidae. 1928-07-01
Ants from north Queensland. 1928-07-01
Results of a collecting trip to the Cann River, East Gippsland. 1929-07-01
Some new Australian Formicidae. 1930-07-01
The Australian ants of the genus Dolichoderus, subgenus Hypoclinea Mayr. 1930-07-01
New Formicidae, with notes on some little-known species. 1930-07-01
Notes on Australian ants, with descriptions of new species and a new genus. 1934-07-01
New Australian ants. 1934-07-01
Ants from the Otway Ranges. 1934-07-01
A revision of Australian species of Rhytidoponera Mayr (Formicidae). 1936-07-01
Reports of the McCoy Society for field investigation and research. No. 2. Sir Joseph Banks Islands. 10. Formicidae. 1938-07-01
Australian Formicidae. Notes and new species. 1941-07-01
A revision of the genus Promyrmecia Emery. 1943-07-01
Entomological reports. Formicidae. Pages 39-44, in Report of the Victorian Field Naturalists' Expedition through the Western District of Victoria in October, 1927. 1928-01-01
The Formicidae of Australia. 1. Subfamily Myrmeciinae. 1951-01-01
Contributions to the fauna of Rottnest Island. No. III. The ants. 1929-03-01
Notes on the Argentine ant and other exotic ants introduced into Australia. 1941-03-01