Identified As Specimen ID Collecting Institution

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Original name/combination, Valid
Valid Subordinate Taxa
Taxon Status # of Records
Anaxyeloidea Subsequent name/combination 1
Apocritites Valid 0
Apoidea Subsequent name/combination 137786
Bethylonymoidea Valid 0
Cephoidea Valid 288
Ceraphronoidea Subsequent name/combination 15213
Chalcidoidea Valid 78215
Chrysidoidea Subsequent name/combination 30374
Cynipoidea Subsequent name/combination 22378
Diaprioidea Subsequent name/combination 39745
Ephialtitidae Original name/combination 0
Evanioidea Valid 6443
Hebeianaxyela Original name/combination 0
Ichneumonoidea Valid 85066
Karatavitoidea Subsequent name/combination 0
Megalyroidea Valid 4
Mesaulacinus rasnitsyni Original name/combination 0
Mymarommatoidea Original name/combination 0
Orussoidea Valid 229
Pamphilioidea Subsequent name/combination 212
Paroryssus suspectus Original name/combination 0
Platygastroidea Subsequent name/combination 257219
Proctotrupoidea Subsequent name/combination 10350
Protenthredo Original name/combination 0
Serphitoidea Subsequent name/combination 1
Sinicorussus Original name/combination 0
Siricoidea Valid 523
Stephanoidea Valid 1054
Tenthredinoidea Valid 13272
Trigonalyoidea Valid 91
Vespoidea Valid 49879
Xyeloidea Valid 230
Taxon Status # of Records
Apidae Subsequent name/combination 137786
Asiacynipites Unavailable, other 0
Ceraphrodidae Unavailable, literature misspelling 15213
Ceraphronidae Subsequent name/combination 15213
Ceraphronides Subsequent name/combination 15213
Ceraphroninae Subsequent name/combination 15213
Ceraphronini Subsequent name/combination 15213
Ceraphronoidae Subsequent name/combination 15213
Ceraphrontes Original name/combination 15213
Ceraphrontidae Subsequent name/combination 15213
Ceraphrontides Subsequent name/combination 15213
Ceraphrontiens Subsequent name/combination 15213
Ceraphrontinae Subsequent name/combination 15213
Chrysidiformia Original name/combination 30374
Chrysidiformis Subsequent name/combination 30374
Chrysoidea Unavailable, literature misspelling 30374
Eucynipites Unavailable, other 0
Platygasteroidea Original name/combination 257219
Proctotripides Subsequent name/combination 10350
Proctotrupidae Subsequent name/combination 10350
Proctotrupides Subsequent name/combination 10350
Proctotrupiens Subsequent name/combination 10350
Proctotrupii Original name/combination 10350
Proctotrupites Subsequent name/combination 10350
Proctotrypidae Unjustified emendation 10350
Proctotrypoidae Subsequent name/combination 10350
Proctotrypoidea Subsequent name/combination 10350
Proctrupia Subsequent name/combination 10350
Symphyta Original name/combination 12
bee Common name 137786
mud dauber Common name 137786
Taxon Status Relationship Type
Symphyta Original name/combination synonym
Title Author Publication Year Annotation
A catalogue of Philippine Hymenoptera (with a bibliography, 1758-1963). C. R. Baltazar (Clare R.) 1966-10-01 catalog of species of the Philippines
List of agricultural pests and their natural enemies in Iran. M. Modarres Awal (Mehdi) 1994-01-01 Hymenoptera as agricultural pests and their enemies in Iran
Functional morphology of the male genitalia and copulation in lower Hymenopteram, with special emphasis on the Tenthredinoidea s.str. (Insecta: Hymenoptera, 'Symphyta'). S. Schulmeister (Susanne) 2001-11-01 review of male genitalia and its terminology in Hymenoptera, specially Tenthredinoidea
Beyond the wasp-waist: structural diversity and phylogenetic significance of the mesosoma in apocritan wasps (Insects: Hymenoptera). L. Vilhelmsen (Lars), L. Krogmann (Lars), I. Mikó (István) 2010-11-01 anatomy and morphology of the mesosoma, especially of the apocritan wasps
[Hymenopteran insect fauna of Zhejiang.] J.-H. He (Jun-Hua), X.-X. Chen (Xue-Xin), J.-J. Fan (Jin-jiang), Q. Li (Qiang), C.-M. Liu (Chang-... 2004-07-01 key to superfamilies of Zhejiang
Rice-feeding insects and selected natural enemies in West Africa: biology, ecology, identification. A. T. Barrion (Alberto T.), E. A. Heinrichs 2004-03-01 key to taxa of selected West African rice insects and spiders, keyed
Ten-year supplement to "Ant larvae: review and synthesis." J. Wheeler (Jeanette), G. C. Wheeler (George Carlos) 1986-08-01 key to larvae of social Hymenoptera
Hymenoptera (wasps). Generalities and family key. L. Vilhelmsen (Lars) 2015-07-01 description, key to superfamilies and families of Greenland for adults
Fauna Sinica. Insecta Vol. 56. Hymenoptera Proctotrupoidea (I). Z.-F. Xu (Zai-Fu), J.-H. He (Jun-Hua) 2015-08-01 key to families and superfamilies of traditional "Proctotrupoidea"
A new family of primitive serphitoid wasps in Lebanese amber (Hymenoptera: Serphitoidea). M. S. Engel (Michael S.) 2015-01-01 description of clade Bipetiolarida, key to superfamilies of clade Bipetiolarida
Hymenoptera europaea praecipue borealia, formis typicis nonnulias. Specierum Generumve Exoticorum aut Extraneorum propter nexum systematicus associatis; per Familias, Genera, Species et Varietates disposita atque descripta. Tomus secundus. Chrysis in sensu Linnaeano. A. G. Dahlbom (Anders Gustav) 1854-02-01 key to families of Hymenoptera Chrysidiformia
Evolutionary History of the Hymenoptera R. S. Peters (Ralph S.), L. Krogmann (Lars), C. Mayer, A. Donath (Alexander), S. Gunkel (Simon), ... 2017-11-01 phylogenetic analysis
Collecting Method # of Records
malaise trap/light trap 1
sifting 2
beating 21
blue-green pan trap 65
clear pan trap 47
CDC malaise trap 120
red pan trap 6
Berlese funnel 59
cage trap 23
maxi-net 2367
pan trap 849
reared 419
screen sweeping 1131
fogging 766
light blue pan trap 61
SLAM trap 1082
Lindgren funnel 9
reared from egg 578
blacklight trap 41
malaise trap/pan trap 31
malaise trap/flight intercept trap 28
vacuuming 23
fine malaise trap 48
window trap 42
interception trap 10
large plastic delta (LPD) trap 16
malaise trap/yellow pan trap 439
litter sampling 7
reared from pupa 1
lab reared 17
white pan under black light 1
yellow pan trap/blue pan trap 278
reared from field-captured host 192
blue pan trap 496
forced emergence 8
white pan trap 48
malaise trap head 40
yellow pan trap/interception trap 13
Oliver trap 10
Malaise trap 65545
aerial sweeping 5
beating at night 1
net 14
fine malaise trap/pan trap 3
fine malaise trap head 9
arboreal flight trap 3
bait trap 1
sifted litter 8
D-VAC 151
reared from gall 10
pheromone trap 24
sweeping 9646
car net 1
yellow suspended trap 2
pitfall trap 1614
canopy malaise trap 211
mercury vapor light 5
light trap 451
malaise trap/SLAM trap 143
flight intercept trap 5003
none specified 97343
litter extraction 13
indoor emergence 1
ultraviolet light 28
suspension trap 2
at light 119
trap 4776
aspirator 3
barrier pitfall trap 14
pink pan trap 32
tray trap 1
hand 3
emergence trap 4
canopy fogging at dawn 423
green pan trap 17
Winkler extraction 13
CDC light trap 376
yellow pan trap 55460
flight intercept trap/window trough trap 1
pan trap/flight intercept trap 2
black suspended trap 8
Johnson & Taylor insect suction trap 1
red suspended trap 11
flight intercept trap/yellow pan trap/malaise trap 3
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