Collecting Institution Specimen ID Alternate Identifier(s) Identified As Country State Locality Collecting Date Collector(s) Collecting Unit Type Field code


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Subsequent name/combination, Valid
Valid Subordinate Taxa
Taxon Status # of Records
Acanthostichus Original name/combination 0
Aenictogiton Original name/combination 0
Aenictus Original name/combination 0
Cerapachys Original name/combination 0
Cheliomyrmex Original name/combination 0
Chrysapace Original name/combination 0
Cylindromyrmex Original name/combination 0
Dorylus Original name/combination 8
Eburopone Original name/combination 0
Eciton Original name/combination 2
Eusphinctus Original name/combination 0
Labidus Original name/combination 10
Leptanilloides Original name/combination 0
Lioponera Original name/combination 0
Lividopone Original name/combination 0
Neivamyrmex Replacement name 25
Neocerapachys Original name/combination 0
Nomamyrmex Original name/combination 1
Ooceraea Original name/combination 0
Parasyscia Original name/combination 0
Procerapachys Original name/combination 0
Simopone Original name/combination 0
Sphinctomyrmex Original name/combination 0
Syscia Original name/combination 0
Tanipone Original name/combination 0
Vicinopone Original name/combination 0
Yunodorylus Original name/combination 0
Zasphinctus Original name/combination 0
Taxon Status # of Records
Acamathus Unavailable, literature misspelling 25
Acamatns Unavailable, literature misspelling 25
Acamatus Junior homonym 25
Acamutus Unavailable, literature misspelling 25
Acanthostichii Original name/combination 0
Acanthostichinae Subsequent name/combination 0
Acanthostichini Subsequent name/combination 0
Acanthostichus (Acanthostichus) Subsequent name/combination 0
Acanthostictini Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Acanthosticus Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Acantostichini Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Acmatus Unavailable, literature misspelling 25
Aenictii Original name/combination 0
Aenictinae Subsequent name/combination 0
Aenictogeton Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Aenictogitoninae Subsequent name/combination 0
Aenictus (Aenictus) Subsequent name/combination 0
Aenietus Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Aenistus Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Ancylognathus Unavailable, nomen nudum 8
Cannibal ants Common name 0
Carapachys Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Cerapachis Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Cerapachyidae Subsequent name/combination 0
Cerapachyinae Subsequent name/combination 0
Cerapachys (Cerapachys) Subsequent name/combination 0
Cerapachys (Eusphinctus) Subsequent name/combination 0
Cerapachys (Ooceraea) Subsequent name/combination 0
Cerapachys (Parasyscia) Subsequent name/combination 0
Cerapachys (Syscia) Subsequent name/combination 0
Cerapahcynae Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Ceraphachys Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Ceraphacyinae Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Ceratopachys Unjustified emendation 0
Cheliomyrmecini Original name/combination 0
Cheliomyrmicini Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Curticorna Unavailable, other 0
Cylindromyrmecii Subsequent name/combination 0
Cylindromyrmecini Subsequent name/combination 0
Cylindromyrmicini Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Cylindromyrmii Original name/combination 0
Dorylas Unavailable, literature misspelling 8
Dorylii Subsequent name/combination 0
Dorylini Original name/combination 0
Dorylus (Dorylus) Subsequent name/combination 8
Echiton Unavailable, literature misspelling 2
Eciton (Acamatus) Subsequent name/combination 25
Eciton (Labidus) Subsequent name/combination 10
Eciton (Neivamyrmex) Subsequent name/combination 25
Ecitoninae Subsequent name/combination 11
Enictus Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Eudorylinae Unavailable, other 0
Leoponera Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Leptanilloidinae Original name/combination 0
Lieponera Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Mutilla (Dorylus) Subsequent name/combination 8
Neivemyrmex Unavailable, literature misspelling 25
Novamyrmex Unavailable, literature misspelling 1
Oenictus Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Orapachys Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Oöceraea Subsequent name/combination 0
Parasycia Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Sphinctomyrmex (Eusphinctus) Subsequent name/combination 0
Sphinctomyrmex (Sphinctomyrmex) Subsequent name/combination 0
Sphynctomyrmex Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Sphyngtomyrmex Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Spinctomyrmex Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Sycia Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Taxon Status Relationship Type
Ecitoninae Forel Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Eudorylinae Forel Unavailable, other junior_synonym
Cylindromyrmecii Emery Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Acanthostichii Emery Original name/combination junior_synonym
Ceraphacyinae Forel Unavailable, literature misspelling junior_synonym
Acanthostictini Emery Unavailable, literature misspelling junior_synonym
Cylindromyrmecini Emery Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Cheliomyrmicini Wheeler Unavailable, literature misspelling junior_synonym
Aenictinae Emery Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Acanthostichini Emery Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Acanthostichinae Emery Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Dorylii Leach Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Acantostichini Emery Unavailable, literature misspelling junior_synonym
Cylindromyrmii Emery Original name/combination junior_synonym
Dorylini Leach Original name/combination junior_synonym
Aenictii Emery Original name/combination junior_synonym
Cerapahcynae Forel Unavailable, literature misspelling junior_synonym
Aenictogitoninae Ashmead Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Cheliomyrmecini Wheeler Original name/combination junior_synonym
Cylindromyrmicini Emery Unavailable, literature misspelling junior_synonym
Cerapachyidae Forel Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Cerapachyinae Forel Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Leptanilloidinae Bolton Original name/combination junior_synonym
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Determiner(s) # of Records
Collecting Method # of Records
Malaise trap 1
mercury vapor light 3
light trap 6
none specified 71
ultraviolet light 2
at light 1
M. R. Smith (Marion R.) [1], D. E. Read [2], J. P. Kislanko [3], A. Mallis (Arnold) [4], J. T. Whitlaw (Joseph T.) [5], D. Corran [6], L. J. Goodgame [7], G. W. Angalet [8], W. P. Murdoch [9], G. Kung [10], E. H. A. [11], C. W. Rettenmeyer [12], O. Henriquez [13], S. Zaragoza [14], E. Noguera [15], V. Barria [16], R. R. Snelling (Roy R.) [17], Barria [18], W. Bangham [19], M. Wang [20], et al. [21]