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Original name/combination, Valid
Valid Subordinate Taxa
Taxon Status # of Records
Euprenolepis antespectans Subsequent name/combination 0
Euprenolepis echinata Original name/combination 0
Euprenolepis maschwitzi Original name/combination 0
Euprenolepis negrosensis Subsequent name/combination 0
Euprenolepis procera Subsequent name/combination 0
Euprenolepis thrix Original name/combination 0
Euprenolepis variegata Original name/combination 0
Euprenolepis wittei Original name/combination 0
Euprenolepis zeta Original name/combination 0
Taxon Status # of Records
Camponotus (Myrmocsphincta) antespectans Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Camponotus (Myrmosphincta) antespectans Original name/combination 0
Camponotus antespectans Subsequent name/combination 0
Chapmanella Original name/combination 0
Chapmanella negrosensis Original name/combination 0
Paratrechina (Euprenolepis) antespectans Subsequent name/combination 0
Paratrechina (Euprenolepis) antespectanus Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Paratrechina (Euprenolepis) procera Subsequent name/combination 0
Paratrechina antespectans Subsequent name/combination 0
Paratrechina procera Subsequent name/combination 0
Prenolepis (Euprenolepis) negrosensis Subsequent name/combination 0
Prenolepis procera Original name/combination 0
Taxon Status Relationship Type
Chapmanella Wheeler Original name/combination junior_synonym
Name Coden # of Specimens
Title Author Publication Year Annotation
Note sur Prenolepis vividula Nyl. et sur la classification des espèces du genre Prenolepis. C. Emery (Carlo) 1906-12-01 original description. Type: Prenolepis procera Emery, by original designation. Described as subgenus of Prenolepis Mayr
Synopsis and classification of Formicidae. B. Bolton (Barry) 2003-02-01 transfer to Plagiolepidini Forel, systematic references, description
Revision of the Oriental ant genus Cladomyrma, with an outline of the higher classification of the Formicinae (Hymenoptera, Formicidae). D. Agosti (Donat) 1991-08-01 placed in part in Pseudolasius genus-group
Cadre synoptique actuel de la faune universelle des fourmis. A. Forel (Auguste) 1917-01-01 treated as subgenus of Prenolepis Mayr, tribe Prenolepidini, section Eucamponotinae of subfamily Camponotinae
Ants, their structure, development and behavior. W. M. Wheeler (William Morton) 1910-01-01 treated as subgenus of Prenolepis Mayr
A list of the type species of the genera and subgenera of Formicidae. W. M. Wheeler (William Morton) 1911-12-01 citation of type species
Keys to the genera and subgenera of ants. W. M. Wheeler (William Morton) 1922-05-01 keyed, treated as subgenus of Prenolepis Forel
A list of the type-species of the genera and subgenera of Formicidae. H. S. J. K. Donisthorpe (Horace St. John Kelly) 1943-07-01 citation of type species, treated as subgenus of Paratrechina Motschulsky, placed in tribe Acanthomyopsini, subfamily Formicinae
Phylogeny and taxonomy of the Prenolepis genus-group of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). J. S. LaPolla (John S.), S. O. Shattuck (Steven O.), S. G. Brady (Seán G.) 2010-03-01 description, keyed
Characters and synonymies among the genera of ants. Part II. W. L. Brown (William L.) 1953-07-01 synonymy, treated as valid genus
A comparison of the Hylean and Congo-West African rain forest ant faunas. W. L. Brown (William L.) 1973-01-31 distribution, synonymy
A catalogue of Philippine Hymenoptera (with a bibliography, 1758-1963). C. R. Baltazar (Clare R.) 1966-10-01 cataloged, catalog of species of the Philippines, treated as subgenus of Prenolepis Mayr
[The origin and early stages of evolution of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae).] E. B. Fedoseeva (Elena B.), G. M. Dlussky (Gennady M.) 1988-04-01 placed in tribe Lasiini, subfamily Formicinae, distribution through geological time
Identification guide to the ant genera of the world. B. Bolton (Barry) 1994-12-01 keyed, placed in tribe Lasiini, subfamily Formicinae
The ants. E. O. Wilson (Edward O.), B. Hölldobler (Bert) 1990-12-01 placed in tribe Prenolepidini, subfamily Formicinae, keyed
A simplified conspectus of the Formicidae. J. Wheeler (Jeanette), G. C. Wheeler (George Carlos) 1985-12-01 placed in tribe Brachymyrmecini of subfamily Formicinae
[The ants of China.] C. Wang (Changlu), J. Wu (Jian) 1995-09-01 description, keyed, species of China
Taxonomic revision of the southeast Asian ant genus Euprenolepis. J. S. LaPolla (John S.) 2009-06-01 description, list of species, key to species
Then there were five: a reexamination of the ant genus Paratrechina (Hymenoptera, Formicidae). B. L. Fisher (Brian L.), J. S. LaPolla (John S.) 2014-05-01 keyed
A new ant genus from the Greater Antilles and Central America, Zatania (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), exemplifies the utility of male and molecular character systems. S. G. Brady (Seán G.), R. J. Kallal (Robert J.), J. S. LaPolla (John S.) 2012-03-01 keyed
A synoptic review of the ant genera (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) of the Philippines. G. D. Alpert (Gary D.), D. M. General (David M.) 2012-05-01 keyed, species of Philippines, distribution
Phylogenomic methods outperform traditional multi-locus approaches in resolving deep evolutionary history: a case study of formicine ants. B. B. Blaimer (Bonnie B.), S. G. Brady (Seán G.), T. R. Schultz (Ted R.), M. W. Lloyd (Michael W.... 2015-12-01 placed in tribe Lasiini
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